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Connect Shopify With AfterShip Personalization

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Connect AfterShip Personalization to your Shopify store and recommend relevant products to your shoppers. AfterShip Personalization helps you drive personalized shopping experiences, boosts AOV and conversion, and accelerates business growth.

Let’s learn how to connect a Shopify store with AfterShip Personalization.

Connect you store with AfterShip Personalization:

Once you have registered for the AfterShip Personalization account, the first step once you are on the admin portal is to connect your Shopify store.

Go to the Getting started section or Home page in your AfterShip Personalization admin

Click Connect store. The option to connect your store will be available on both the places.
You will land on the AfterShip Personalization Shopify app store page. Select the store to which you want to connect the app (applicable if you have multiple Shopify stores).
Click Install on the permission request page to complete the installation process successfully.

Once your store is connected, you will directed to the AfterShip Personalization admin where you can go ahead and set up personalization offers to kickstart your upsell and cross-sell campaigns.

Updated on: 13/06/2024

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