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Enable Discount for Upsell and Checkout Product Recommendations

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You can create, edit, and offer discounts on the product recommendations offered through AfterShip Personalization’s upsell and checkout widgets to the customers to increase average order value (AOV) and drive additional sales.

Set up discount offer

Go to your AfterShip Personalization admin
Select a checkout or upsell campaign for which you want to offer discount on product recommendations

Click Edit to open the widget editor and scroll down to Offer promotion section under Settings to access the Discounts option

The discount offer will be disabled by default
Select Enable to activate discount offer
Click Select discount to open a side panel with all the discount offers currently running in your Shopify store.

The list covers all the discount offers created on Shopify and via third-party apps on Shopify (AfterShip Personalization included) (Read more)

Select one of the existing discount offers and click Save to confirm the changes. The discount will be applied to the product recommendations in real time on the preview window

Click Create discount to create a new one. On the popup window fill in the title and discount value and click Create

- The discount will be applied to the product recommendations in real-time on the preview window
- Hit Save again to confirm the discount application to the widget

To edit one of the existing discount offers, click Edit, do the required changes, and click Save

- Hit Save again to confirm the discount application to the widget

The discount you create or edit in any one of the widgets will be created for and applied to other widgets where they are being used as well

Discount offers limitations on Shopify

The Discount functionality in the Checkout extension and Upsell widget is implemented through the Shopify Function API. Shopify imposes the following limitations:

Discount quantity limit: A third-party app can create up to 5 discounts, and all third-party apps combined can create a maximum of 25 discounts. If you encounter a prompt indicating that you have exceeded the discount quantity limit, please delete any excess discounts in either the Personalization admin or the Shopify admin’s discount section.

Discount combination: Most store discounts can be combined with product, order, and shipping discounts. However, some older stores may only allow stacking up to certain levels. When creating discounts, AfterShip Personalization follows the priority of discounts in this order: shipping > product > order to enable as many discounts to stack as possible.

Most merchants

Some merchants

Discounts are shared resources across different widgets on AfterShip Personalization. This means that if one widget modifies a discount offer that is referenced by another widget, the discount used by the other widget will also be modified.

Updated on: 16/01/2024

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