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Set Up AfterShip Tracking Branded Tracking Page Integration

Plans: Essentials, Enterprise Platforms: Shopify


With AfterShip Personalization, you can activate the smart upsell widget to display personalized product recommendations based on your custom rules, content and theme settings, recommendation types, and A/B testing configuration directly on your branding tracking page. Gather more information on AfterShip’s Branded Tracking page here .

Branded Tracking Page is an AfterShip Tracking service that allows you to bring your customers to your domain to track orders, offer the latest order updates, and foster additional revenue from existing customers with branded marketing solutions like product recommendations, banners, and social media links.

What you’ll learn

In this article, we will show you:

Important considerations
Set up smart upsell widget
Configure recommendation engine on tracking page

Important considerations

You must install and connect your Shopify store with AfterShip Tracking
You must be on AfterShip Tracking Pro or above plans to use AfterShip Personalization recommendation engine on the branding Tracking page
You must set up your branding tracking page and select AfterShip Personalization as the recommendation engine

Set up AfterShip Personalization tracking page smart upsell widget

Plans: Pro, Premium, Enterprise Platforms: Shopify

Navigate to Smart upsell widgets in the AfterShip Personalization admin
Move down to Tracking page under the Post-purchase section and click Get started

A widget ID will be automatically created for every pre and post-purchase scenario while setting up the product recommendation rules and configuring widget display and style settings.

If you haven’t yet connected AfterShip Tracking, click Connect Tracking and install the app from the Shopify app store
If you already have an active account and plan for AfterShip Tracking, click Create widget
You will land on the widget editor, where you can customize the recommendation types, display rules, style settings, and A/B testing rules

a. Settings: Configure the recommendation type, set up custom display rules, pin your most sought-after products, and exclude certain products from the recommendation algorithm.

Scroll down to Installation, and you will find the widget's unique ID and the complete installation guide to enable AfterShip Personalization product recommendation widget on the branded tracking page. Just click View instructions to open the popup guide.

The widget code can also be accessed from the widget dashboard and widget editor’s main header.

b. Display: Customize the widget and product title, border, padding, content layout, alignment, variant selector, and CTA buttons text. Configure how each element would look on both desktop and mobile.

c. Style: Customize the color and font of the various elements of the product recommendation widget to match your branded tracking page.

d. A/B testing: Set up two versions of your widget and see which version interacts and performs better with different sets of customers. Know more about A/B testing here.

Click Save
Shift between the preview options on the top bar to see how the widget would look on both desktop and mobile
View the performance of your branded tracking page personalization recommendation widget, including impressions, conversion rate, and revenue on the Tracking Page dashboard

You can create multiple smart upsell widgets for your branded tracking page with different rules and settings based on your end goal

Only one widget on the branded tracking page can be activated at a time, irrespective of how many widgets are activated in the AfterShip Personalization admin.

Configure personalization recommendation engine on AfterShip Tracking Page

Go to Tracking pages > Page variations in the AfterShip Tracking admin
Select the tracking page you want to edit and click Actions > Edit

Edit the product recommendation section and choose AfterShip Personalization as the recommendation engine

Select the enabled AfterShip Personalization smart upsell widget you want to display on your tracking page. Cross-check the widget ID to ensure the widget you want to enable

If you have configured multiple stores under AfterShip Personalization and set up multiple smart upsell widgets for each store, they all will be displayed in the dropdown under their respective store names

Click Edit widget to modify the recommendation rules and interaction styles. You will be redirected to the AfterShip Personalization admin, where you can edit the widget

Click Create widget to create a product recommendation widget from scratch on the AfterShip Personalization admin.

Hit Save

For any further questions or help, please contact our chat support team

Updated on: 17/05/2024

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