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Set Up Yotpo Integration

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AfterShip Personalization's integration with Yotpo injects review ratings and personalizes product offerings automatically. Brands can boost conversions automatically while maximizing product recommendation relevancy.

Users can display review ratings on product recommendations and leverage review data to personalize offers.

Set up Yotpo integration

Before integrating Yotpo with AfterShip Personalization, ensure you have an active Yotpo Reviews account.

Log into your AfterShip Personalization admin dashboard
Go to Apps > View more apps
Select Yotpo from the AfterShip Personalization’s integration list
Click Install app on the Yotpo integration page and select the organization (store) for which you’d like to install the app

Log into your Yotpo account
Read through the authorization policy and the data you are allowing AfterShip to access from your Yotpo account and click Connect

Choose the store to sync your Yotpo customer data to AfterShip Personalization and click Submit

You will be connected with Yotpo reviews successfully. You can see the connection under the Integrations section of Yotpo.

Enable Yotpo product reviews

Once the connection is enabled, go to the scenario (post or pre-purchase) where you’d like to display reviews with product recommendations.

Move to the Display tab on the product recommendation campaign editor and enable Yotpo product reviews under Product info

Updated on: 09/05/2024

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