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How to Offer Free Shipping During Checkout

Plans: Essentials, Enterprise Platforms: Shopify Plus


Free shipping is a feature available on AfterShip Personalization that allows you to offer customers free shipping on checkout upsells and cross-sells. The solution is compatible with Shopify’s checkout extension architecture.

You can enable and set up a free shipping offer in AfterShip Personalization admin. To activate free shipping on product recommendations during checkout, simple modifications are required in the Shopify checkout editor.

Additional considerations

Free shipping offer is exclusive of taxes, discounts, and shipping fees
Product recommendations and free shipping offers can be displayed together on the checkout page, provided both are added to the Shopify checkout editor

What you’ll learn

In this article, we will show you: (index)

Free shipping offer setup
Shopify admin settings
Customer experience

Free shipping offer setup

Go to Smart Checkout > Checkout page in your AfterShip Personalization admin
Toggle on Don’t miss out on free shipping checkout offer and click Edit


Set the status to Enabled
Edit the Goal amount only after reaching which free shipping will be offered.

Configure the Product settings, including the recommendation type, pinned product, product exclusions, and type on which free shipping offer will be given
Enable Discount if you want to give a discount on the recommended products. You can either select the fixed amount or set the discount percentage. Get clarity here.


Set how the offer section will be displayed to your customers including the messages displayed with the progress bar before and after customers qualify for free shipping.

Take help of the in-built AI-model to come up with captivating messages.

Decide the number of products to be displayed in the upsell offer by dragging the radio button across the bar

Configure the display style for desktop and mobile

Configure whether the image source will be the original product or the product variant and simultaneously set the image radius, border, and aspect ratio
Decide what product information will be displayed and how it will be displayed under the Product info settings

AfterShip Personalization has direct integration with Yotpo product reviews. Select the checkbox if you want to display product reviews via Yotpo integration.
You must install the Yotpo product review app to display review ratings to your upsell products.

Configure the logic behind the variant preselection of the recommended products

Smart variant match: Automatically displays the best product variant based on the selected products or the cart items
First available variant: Displays the first in-stock product variant in the Shopify admin to the shopper
Select the checkbox if you want to Allow customers to change product quantity right from the offer widget

Select the primary button text to encourage customers to add more to their existing order


Under the style settings, change how your free shipping offer section will look to the customers and make it brand-consistent.

The section will automatically sync with your Shopify store and match its theme. You can adjust the colors and fonts of the section as per your reference with extensive customization options.

Upsell widget installation on Shopify

Once your checkout upsell free shipping offer settings are completed, you must install the widget on Shopify for the offer to show based on the above settings at checkout.

For installation steps, click Install instructions and read through the steps and implement them accordingly.

Move to the Settings tab and scroll down to Installation and click Copy ID in the top right corner.

Open the Shopify checkout editor and select your Shipping page

Click +Add app block and select AfterShip Smart Offer

Enter the ID you copied in Step 1 in the Widget ID box under App block settings

Check this box if your store has activated Shop Pay
Drag and drop the widget to your desired location, ideally above Shipping methods for better impressions. Use the preview in the top right to ensure it looks perfect. For A/B testing, only the first enabled version will appear in the preview.

Save the changes

Shopify admin settings

Navigate to Shipping and delivery in Shopify app settings and open the General shipping rates under Shipping

Scroll down to Shipping from and click Add rate under the shipping zone for which you want to give a free shipping offer

Select Use flat rate and add the necessary details of the rate. Keep the price to 0.

Click Add conditional pricing. Choose Based on order price and then add the minimum and maximum price

The minimum order value must be the same as what is configured (Free shipping goal amount) in the AfterShip Personalization admin.

Click Done and Save the changes

Customer experience

This is how the free shipping offer would look on your checkout page.

In case you need help, say hello to our chat support team now.

Updated on: 20/05/2024

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