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How to Set Line Item Actions on Checkout Page

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AfterShip Personalization’s Smart Content feature allows you to configure line item actions on the checkout page to enable users to effortlessly change product variants, adjust quantities, or remove items during checkout.

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Line item actions set up
Widget installation

Line item actions set up

Log into your AfterShip Personalization admin dashboard

Navigate to Smart checkout > Checkout page > Smart content > Line item actions
Click Edit
A line item actions editor will open > Convert the status to Enabled to display the configured line item actions on checkout
Configure display rule
a. Select the checkbox for Change product variants to allow customers to change the variant of the product in the cart like color or size

b. Select the checkbox for Change product quantity to allow customers to adjust the product quantity

c. Select the checkbox for Remove products in cart to allow customers to remove the product from the cart

Widget installation

Enable the widget in AfterShip Personalization

Enable the Line item actions status in the AfterShip Personalization admin and customize its settings.
Open the Shopify checkout editor

Select the page where you want to show the line item actions, and in the left panel, click Add app.
Select AfterShip Line Item Actions

Include the app in Shop Pay

Tick the checkbox if Shop Pay is activated for your store.
Save your Shopify theme

Please contact our support team for quick assistance if you have any queries.

Updated on: 24/11/2023

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