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Enable Smart Variant Match for Product Recommendations

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AfterShip Personalization’s Smart Variant Match feature extends its Variant selector feature. It allows you to display the best variant match of the recommended products to your customers based on the current items in the carts or the products selected, improving the shopping experience and the customer’s likelihood of adding the product to the cart.

The Smart Variant Match preselects the product recommendation variant the shoppers are most likely interested in based on their selected or cart items and the configured recommendation type and scenario.

What you'll learn

In this tutorial, we will introduce:

Enable smart variant match
Display settings
Layout settings
Smart variant match algorithm

Enable smart variant match

Smart Variant Match feature is available for all the supported scenarios in AfterShip Personalization: home page, product, cart, checkout, thank you, and tracking page.

For every scenario, the setup process is the same. Let’s take a look at the example of the product page.

Go to Smart upsell widgets in the AfterShip Personalization admin
Click Get started for the scenario where you want to configure the smart variant match. You can edit an existing campaign (widget) or create a new one. To create a new one, select Create widget
Product recommendations strategy editor will open
Edit the product recommendation settings based on your requirements under the Settings tab
Move to the Display tab to configure the widget and product display settings

Scroll down to the Variant selector and configure settings related to how the customers can select the variant of the recommended products they wish to add to the existing cart or buy.


Always: This setting displays the variants below the products with the option to select a different variant from the dropdown if required.

Dynamic: This setting does not display the variants option below the products. The shoppers will be presented with the variant list in a dropdown list or on a separate popup window to choose the variant they want of the recommended products only upon clicking the CTA button.

You can change the primary button text (where the variant is preselected or has no variant) and secondary variant button (where the shopper must select the variant) under the Action buttons settings.


The layout settings only apply if a dynamic display is selected.

Dropdown: This layout allows shoppers to easily browse the available variants of a product from the dropdown list.

Window: This layout lets shoppers easily browse the available product variants on a separate pop-up window.


The preselection option allows you to configure the logic behind the variant preselection.

Smart variant match will automatically display the best product variant based on the selected products or the cart items. Based on the display settings, the smart variant match will work accordingly

The variant option will be hidden if the dynamic display setting is selected. Only upon clicking CTA, the best variant match will display, though the shopper can change the variant from the dropdown/popup.

If the Always display product variant setting is selected, the shopper will see the best variant match displayed based on the existing cart item or selected products they are most likely interested in

The Unselected preselection will give shoppers the option to select the variant themselves without displaying any default variant

The First available variant option will display the first in-stock product variant in the Shopify admin to the shopper

Always display variants

Dynamic variant display

Select the checkbox for Allow customers to change product quantity if you want to enable customers to change the number of units they would like to buy of the recommended variant.

How the smart variant match works

This table will help you understand how our algorithm for smart variant match works.

Cart itemsProduct Recommendation Smart Variant Match
1Item A Size: SSize: S
2Item A Size: S Item B Size: S Item C Size: MSize: S
3Item A: Size: S, Color: RedSize: S, Color: Red
4Item A Size: S Item B Size: S Item C Size: M Item D Size: MSize: S / M (randomly)

Smart variant match also takes into inventory locations to preselect the variants of the products from the same inventory locations to avoid the out-of-stock cases of different variants in different inventory locations.

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Updated on: 06/06/2024

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