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AfterShip Personalization: Onboarding Eligibility Requirements


AfterShip Personalization is an AI-powered eCommerce platform that creates personalized shopping experiences, boosts AOV and conversion, and accelerates business growth with personalized product recommendations across touchpoints—from product discovery to the checkout page to the post-purchase experience—effectively encouraging customer conversion at every step.

This detailed guide will take you through all the requirements, plans, and steps needed to start your upsell and cross-sell journey with AfterShip Personalization. The guide is divided into 4 phases for easy comprehension and effortless implementation. The eligibility and completion of every phase are required to move on to the next phase. Let’s start.

Phase 1: Store eligibility

PlatformYour online store must be on Shopify to be able to integrate with AfterShip Personalization
Shopify planYour store should be on a Shopify Plus subscription to be able to access Shopify’s Checkout Extensibility to leverage AfterShip Personalization’s checkout upsell capability
Checkout set upYour Shopify store’s checkout setup should be upgraded to Shopify’s latest Checkout extension. If your store is still using Checkout.liquid, contact our team for upgrade assistance
Shopify paymentsYour store must support Shopify Payments. Only Shopify Payments will trigger the post-purchase one-click upsell (OCU)

Phase 2: Prerequisites

App installation Install AfterShip Personalization app on your Shopify store
Collaborator accessIf you need our technical team to help with the implementation, please provide us with your Shopify account’s collaborator access. If you are doing it yourself, make sure you have Shopify’s collaborator access and permission to edit the store’s theme settings. If not, request collaborator access from the admin or store owner
Discount configurationEach upsell scenario has default discount settings. Please configure your preferred discount rule preferences from the upsell widget editor

Phase 3: Onboarding checklist implementation

Step 1: Widgets product configuration
Step 2: Checkout widget configuration
Step 3: Post-purchase widget configuration
Step 4: Smart upsell widget configuration

Phase 4: Data tracking and recommendation rules optimization

Data tracking and utilization1. Track the upsell revenue with an overview and detailed analytics dashboard on the AfterShip Personalization homepage
2. Get deeper upsell insights with our in-depth analytics reports
3. Optimize your recommendations rules based on the data findings and conduct A/B tests to produce the best results

Updated on: 22/05/2024

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